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Urban clothing is a statement, not just in fashion but by the person who is wearing it. People who are dressed in urban wear are not only wearing the clothes but they are also wearing the attitude. This would be, perhaps, the reason why urban clothing has spread not only in its hip hop niche and in the United States but worldwide. Urban fashion allows the person wearing it to express their individuality through their choice of colors, designs, graphics, and accessories. It is about recreating and breaking down fashion rules to come up with a unique urban clothing style.

Urban wear was not that mainstream before, with almost all of its fashion customers, were from the hip hop genre. Eventually, it became a worldwide phenomenon. Gaining popularity among different age groups and was even able to cross socio-economic boundaries.

If you want to create your own urban wear wardrobe, then there are several things you want to consider before making any kind of clothing purchases.

• What color suits you?

Urban wear has a wide range of colors. It could vibrant colors like red or green. But there are also basic colors like black, denim and khaki which are ideal since they could easily mix with other color tones. Also, different skin tones would have different matching colors. Make sure to get colors that will enhance your skin tone and personality, not overwhelm or pale it.

• What kind of fabrics are you comfortable in?

There are different kinds of fabric for urban clothing, it could be cotton, denim, or rayon which are very easy to maintain and clean. But there are also urban clothing which goes beyond what you would normally choose, so make sure that you are comfortable wearing clothes.

• What kind of clothing style suits you?

Just like in colors, there are different body builds, so make sure to choose outfits that would enhance your figure and not make you look dowdy. Currently, T-shirts with strong messages, graphics, and prints are popular. Of course, jeans are an all-time favorite. Both T-shirts and jeans can be tight or loose which depend on the person’s preference. Hoodies, with sleeves or without sleeves, are also popular items.

Urban fashion followers are not only dressed in urban clothing while in the streets. Dress shirts, like the long-sleeved ones, can be worn in the office, while short-sleeved dress shirts are great for casual occasions. There are also different choices among pants, like cargo shorts for men and Capri pants for women which are both popular because of being comfortable and trendy.

Remember that urban fashion is not only about trendy clothes but the attitude. If you have decided to incorporate urban clothing into your traditional style, then make sure to get design and clothes which would reflect the urban fashion attitude. You could check reputable and popular urban clothing lines and brands to check what would be “in season.”

There are numerous choices for urban wear. There are various urban clothing brands which have their own distinctive style, collections, and designs that you could choose from. Finding fashionable urban clothing is not difficult. It is just a matter of narrowing which urban wear would bring the best in you.

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