What is Urban Wear?

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Urban wear is very popular these days. However, many people are still confused and misguided about the real definition of this fashion trend. The phrase ‘urban wear’ could be associated with its root, the word ‘urban,’ which pertains to a city. Thus, urban clothing is usually defining particular wear in a location or inner city. Modern urban clothing has grown to be a culture rather than a specific fashion in a particular inner city.

Urban wear could be literally translated into culture clothing that pertains to trends and fashions symbolizing urban culture. This usually grows from music or sport into a full cultural brand that could spread to any country. Urban fashion is not anymore associated or identified with only one nation. It is worn by men and women, from anywhere in the world, who are very much into fashion individuality and influence from music and sports icons who are into urban clothing.

Who is wearing urban clothing? Technically, urban wear could be categorized or linked with hip hop, alternative, or skate clothing. Thus, it is usually worn or followed by men and women aged 14 years to 36 years. What is most notable about such clothes is that they do not discriminate creed, age, or color. The clothes just strive to logically and obviously express personality and individuality chosen and preferred by people who follow the urban wear trends.

How could anyone distinguish hip hop, skating, and surfing clothing? Apparels in such activities are almost alike that they are easily categorized into urban fashion. However, anyone could define specific clothing through the activity it symbolizes. For instance, skate clothing is preferred by skaters; hip hop clothes illustrate trendy music; while surfing clothes could be worn while enjoying the beaches.

However, urban fashion is unique because it spurs creativity. For example, a hip hop shirt could be worn on top of surfing short to come up with a unique getup. People could easily, fashionably, and creatively mix and match clothes and accessories to express their own individualities.

Where could you find and buy urban wear? There are many brands for urban fashion that are operating actively in the current fashion market. The brand and vendor that you would pick should define the culture that you aim to express. For example, a unique brand Chilly-O could feature a mixture of hip hop, skate, surf, and street clothing that could be worn by a diverse mix of people. Many brands in the market could blend in any culture and stand out as a clear definition of the phrase ‘urban culture clothing.’

Urban wear today is not just about clothing. Many brands are also offering fashion accessories like action sports apparel, hats, and wristbands. Thus, urban fashion lines are on the bandwagon of fashion but they are usually not providing customers with only clothes. Instead, urban fashion brands are striving to sell an entirely different culture for people in different nations. This is the reason urban wear in New York could be similar to urban wear in Tokyo or in other cities in the world.

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